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In early 2017, an ex-RLI/ 32Bn soldier discussed the idea of reproducing Rhodesian camouflage with a young kid who lived on a farm in Namibia. Both men recognized the value and effectiveness of said pattern and the decision was made to create that camouflage. 

In November 2017, Green Leader LLC was incorporated in Montana with the sole purpose of producing Rhodesian camouflage and reselling African surplus. 

After many hours of research and development, the first roll of fabric was finished in early 2018. According to many collectors, the pattern was an exact replica of the original camouflage - colors and pattern were a perfect match. 

The first production was released in mid-2018 and was well received by the customers. All the clothes were manufactured in South Africa. Green Leader LLC is determined to continue manufacturing that exclusive pattern and bring back a piece of history. 

With choosing Pretoria as production location, Green Leader LLC ensures that many people of different cultural backgrounds are being supported. It is Green Leader's aim to help as many South Africans as possible - regardless of their background or culture. 

Rhodesian Camo
Original camo on the left and Green Leader's reproduction on the right
Green Leader clothing line
A look inside the factory in Pretoria

Green Leader LLC does not support any form of extremism and racism. The people behind Green Leader LLC are from Africa and are from different races. Through the process of manufacturing camo, Green Leader LLC is able to unify people of different races and is able to provide income to people in need of work.

Every product purchased on this website will help provide a meal on the table of various South Africans. Thank you for your support!


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