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32 BN Pants

32 Battalion Winter Camo Pants.


The 32 Battalion was a unique South African fighting force. Founded in 1975 after Operation Savannah by COL Breytenbach, 32 BN was formed into an elite fighting unit, consisting mainly of indigenous tribesmen and some white soldiers, NCOs and officers. The regiment's soldiers fought with bravery and audacity against the numerically stronger Angolan and Soviet counterparts. 32 Battalion was disbanded in 1993, prior to the first free elections of South Africa.


The pattern was extremely effective in the sub-Saharan bush and was used extensively by 32BN. To this day it is a highly sought-after pattern by collectors, anti-poaching units, LARPers and soldiers. The SANDF still issues load-bearing equipment in the 32BN's summer camo.


This clothing item is made in Pretoria, South Africa.

32 BN Pants

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