Rhodesian Camo Jacket BLEM

Reproduction of the original Combat Jacket - the same as the one from the old days used by the BSAP, RLI, RAR and various other units.


ZIP pocket at the rear for maps, reinforced elbos, elastic pockets at the front and pen holders are set up in such a way to resemble the original one as close as possible.


Take note, there is a blemished spot on both sides of the jacket, the pattern appears to be darker there. This is due to an error in printing. Please refer to the pictures for more updates.


Take it out into the bosveld. The adventure is awaiting you.


The unique Rhodesian camouflage was worn by the security forces of Rhodesia and the special forces of South Africa. It was highly sought after by all troops due to its effectiveness in the African bush.


Green Leader LLC believes that this camouflage pattern was part of the unifying process between the different races in Africa - the uniform made the wearer equal in battle and duty, irregardless of his or her skin color.


Made in Pretoria, South Africa.

Rhodesian Camo Jacket BLEM

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